Ludicrous Mode P90D

Ludicrous Mode P90D
  • Ludicrous Mode P90D
  • Ludicrous Mode P90D

$ 10,000.00

Please visit a Tesla Service Center to purchase.

Tesla PN:  1074943-00-A

Price shown is for the upgrade only and excludes labor. Tax will be charged at the time of purchase. Global pricing may vary.

Upgrade the level of performance in your existing P90D from “INSANE” to “LUDICROUS”! This upgrade will decrease 0-60 mph time by approximately 10% to 2.8 seconds. The time to 155 mph is now approximately 20% faster than a standard Model S Performance* (The retrofit will not be an exact equivalent performance spec as a new P90D).

*Model S P90D acceleration ratings follow Motor Trend's test procedure of subtracting the first foot rollout time to represent drag strip performance.

The LUDICROUS mode upgrade is available for all P90D vehicles. These vehicles will receive updated badging to P90D where the underline denotes the LUDICROUS upgrade.

Cost of installation labor is not included in price, please contact your nearest Service Center to confirm the labor rate and availability.

North America market only. For additional questions related to the retrofit, please contact

Details for the Europe market, please contact:

For all other regions, please contact your nearest Service Center.

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