Wall Connector

Wall Connector

$ 750.00

Due to an increase in fraudulent orders, all Wall Connector orders from Canada must be verified prior to shipping. To avoid extended delays, we recommend entering your VIN or reservation number on the Cart page during checkout. Wall Connectors can also be purchased over the counter at our Service Center locations if there is concern about the timeliness of order processing.


TESLA PN: 1008488-00-E

The Tesla Wall Connector is a hardwired charging station designed for 208-250 volt power supplies. Operating current (up to 80 amps) will be configured by the installing electrician, allowing the unit to be customized to almost any power source. For the fastest charge rate, install the Wall Connector with an 80 amp or 100 amp circuit breaker. The unit is also capable of being installed on 15, 20, 30, 40, or  50 amp circuit breakers. Charge rates will vary depending on circuit breaker rating. Note that Model S must be equipped with the Dual Chargers option to accept charge currents above 40 amps (50 amp circuit breaker). Connector cable is 25 feet.

For more information on the various charging options for your Model S please visit: http://www.teslamotors.com/charging
The standard warranty for the Wall Connector is 1 year for over the counter and aftermarket online purchases. 

This item can only be shipped to customers with a U.S. or Canada address.

For Tesla customers outside these regions, please contact your nearest Service Center to confirm pricing and availability.

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Wall Connector Installation Manual

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