Wall Connector

Wall Connector

$ 1,200.00

TESLA PN: 1008488-99-C

A Wall Connector is installed on a 240 volt circuit and can be supplied with up to twice the amperage as an outlet, 80A. At maximum amperage it supplies two times more power than the Single Charger can process. This is where Twin Chargers come into play, doubling the charging capacity to 20 kW to match the output of the High Power Wall Connector.
The High Power Wall Connector has a 25 ft cable.
For more information on the various charging options for your Model S please visit: http://www.teslamotors.com/charging
For Tesla customers outside the U.S., please contact your nearest Service Center to confirm pricing and availability. 

The standard warranty for the Wall Connectors is 1 year whether they are purchased with the vehicle or as separate components.





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