CHAdeMO Adapter

CHAdeMO Adapter
  • CHAdeMO Adapter
  • CHAdeMO Adapter
  • CHAdeMO Adapter

$ 450.00

Coming Soon

Take advantage of the global network of DC charging stations by enabling onboard hardware and purchasing an external adapter. CHAdeMO stations enable charging at up to 150 miles of range per hour.

This adapter is specifically for the North American and Japanese versions of Model S. A separate adapter is required for European, Australian, and Chinese versions of Model S. For Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter. Every 85 kWh Model S is already Supercharging enabled.

3rd-party billing network membership is required at many CHAdeMO stations. Access information is typically provided on the charging station. Power levels and charge rate may vary.

For Model S with Supercharging enabled: $450

Adapter + CHAdeMO Onboard Hardware Activation
For Model S without Supercharging enabled: $2,950


***NOTE: Option not available on 40 kWh Model S.


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